AP weather resistant composite film

Purpose:Ap-s type is suitable for hot sealing and bonding with metal (galvanized plate / aluminized zinc plate, etc.).

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  • Material Structure
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AP series weather resistant film is the upgraded product of PA series. The main reason is that the surface film material adopts modified ASA film, which improves the weather resistance of the product on the original basis, and the optional color is more abundant. It is mainly used for the surface layer of color steel plate.




Heat sealing process


Width: 1020mm, 1220mm, suitable for bonding with metal temperature: 180-220 ° C
Length: 1000-1500m / roll (galvanized plate / aluminized zinc plate, etc.)
Color: White / gray / red / blue

Suitable for use with metals
(galvanized plate / aluminized zinc plate, etc.) heat sealing and bonding composite

Fitting temperature: 180-220 ° C
Fitting pressure: 3-6kg


*耐候性:氙灯老化5000h,色差小于5,预计户 外使用寿命大于15年